Istana Maziah

Istana Maziah (Maziah Palace)

Istana Maziah

Istana Maziah (Maziah Palace) is symbol of honour of the institution of Terengganu’s sultanate.
This magnificent palace is located at the foot of Bukit Puteri in the heart of KT town, and is just 220 meter from the water teeth of river/ Sungai Kuala Terengganu. The palace and mainly used today as the venue for state official functions, such as installation or coronation of The throne of Terengganu , commemoration of the sultan’s royal birthdays, royal weddings, conferment of titles and receptions for important local and foreign dignitaries

To dated they have been clashed about the exact dated of the contruction of Istana Maziah. Acording to the note by Engku Pengiran Anum, the foundation stone of Istana Maziah was laid and strted on Friday ,10:00 am,dated 31 May 1895 ( 7 Zulhijjah 1312 ) during the reign of Sultan Zainal Abidin III ( 1881-1918 ). While the note Dato’ Seri Amar Diraja Haji Ngah Muhammad bin Yusof stated that the palace was built on the year 1897.

Istana Maziah was built to replace Istana Hijau (Green Palace) which was destroyed by fire. Istana Hijau have been constructed during the reign of Sultan Omar (Baginda Omar ) on 10 March 1870 ( 7 Zulhijjah 1286 ).

The figure that had been given the responsibility of building the Istana Maziah and elected as the project manager and engineer was Tengku Chik Abu Bakar bin Tengku Abdul Jalil. He is an in law cousin to Sultan Zainal Abidin III. There were also several figure which help in the building of the Istana. Those are Engku Besar Paduka Raja Sayyid Abdullah bin Zin Al-Idrus, Encik Muhammad bin Abdul Rahim and Dato’ Mata-Mata whom was responsible together for finishing the building plan,the building of the castle ,and decorating the inside of the Istana. Most of the wood that are use in the building of the palace came from Dungun which was taken care by Tengku Panglima Besar Tengku Muda Kechik.While the stone and lime for the contruction was manage by Tengku Besar Paduka Indera

Architecturally, this brown colour 2 storeys palace is a blend of modern and traditional architecture with its tall shuttered windows that resembles a French chateau. About 20 Malay and Chinese labour who are skill worker with long year of skilful in art , wood craft, carpenter and more were involved in the building of Istana Maziah. The ingredient that are use in building the of the palace was a mixture of lime, clay, salt, eggs white and honey.

Because of the constant refrain by the lack of fund the palace constructions was many time delay but finally the conduction was finish and a “upacara naik istana” a celebration marking the sultanate moving into the new palace was held on 7 august 1903 ( 14 Jamadil Awal 1312 ).

The palace itself are one of the main attraction at the city. The palace are beautiful that many tourist came here to take picture of the palace

Here u find Dataran Maziah which is located infront of the Istana Maziah .Dataran Maziah is a mini-park which are beautifully adorned with landscapes of shrubs, trees and paved walkways. In the centre of the park, stands an impressive replica of Betel Chewing an instruments such as Gobek Sireh and Kacip Pinang or usualy call Tepak Sirih.Tepak symbolising the culture and traditions of the state. This is however not a place where you can just walk in and take a photo Istana Maziah and Bukit Puteri

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