Pulau Kapas

Pulau Kapas.
Pulau Kapas or Kapas Island, An island famous for its clear waters, sandy white beaches and swaying coconut palms, it is relatively isolated. Home to an infinite variety of hard and soft corals, the waters around the island abound with seashells, fish and turtles and are famous place for bird watching.The island's laid back atmosphere is ideal for relaxation but the more adventurous will find it is also a haven for swimming, snorkelling, windsurfing, kayaking, boating and fishing. Kapas has somehow become the refuge of those who refuse or could not join the Perhentian' crowd. The island is favourite with the local people in the very high season and the public holidays.

The island is just 4 nautical miles or only 6 KM in front of the Marang jetty and the fishing village of Marang. The nice little Kapas Island is visible from Marang jetty at all weather. The name “Kapas” or cotton came from its island which inherited the white powdery beaches which looked like 'kapas' or cotton . The Kapas island is a small island, with just over 2km long and 1km wide.

It's is an ideal place to break away from the busy hectic day. Kapas Island is about easy access, cheap, choices and plenty of accommodations available on the island for travellers to chose. Places, to stay ranging from camping sites to dormitory to island resorts with en suite facilities.

Here at the island you can find many small animal ,bird and reptiles.The Famous animal in Kapas Island is the famous song bird called “Murai Batu” or White-rumped shama (Copsychus malabaricus) . This song bird is reputed by most local as to has 23 different and equal beautiful melodies in its repertoire.

On the long stretches shallow water of island's western shore that u can snorkel . You can find many colourful reef and coral which extend out into the deep blue sea This area offer a lot for snorkelling and diving as the water here are warm and very green light blue water that are Crystal Clear but it advisable to wear a jacket is you are not a swimmer . During the low tide, some part of this shallow area can be a vast shallow area of just only a knee deep which is very dangerous. Don’t be temp to walk on any vast shallow water. (why? just read on)

The Variety of this little cotton island. has to offer to see are too many that Green ones who snorkel here may often find them self ,lose track and get trapped in shallow water during low tide which is quite dangerous .( Please Read The Article About The Danger of Walkable Shallow Water. in the Danger and safety precaution.)

The Kapas Island reef is a safe haven for abundance of beautiful marine life and coral. Which is blessing to most diver and snorkeler to find the such as unique parrotfish, Nemo, Yellow tang, angelfish, ray, Percula clownfish, sea snake, ells, giants clams, sea turtle and sea terrapin and other dangerous sea life like Fire Coral, Puffer fish, Sea Urchin, Starfish , Tiger fish, jelly fish , octopus (which sometime try to drown u by holding on you face) and the such.

Kapas Island is a good place for diving .as there are a lot of popular and favourite diving spot . A World War Two shipwreck located 5 nautical miles offshore is the key attraction to most of divers that frequent here as to photograph and gaze at the past . The popular and favourite diving spot for diver is the outer reefs on her seaward. The water of Kapas island also contains artificial reef of illegal fishing boat that been sunk here by the authority and private party to promote the developing of coral reef and also increase the fishing stock in Marang District

Only thing that never change on this island is the constant number of backpackers arriving and departing each day.

May - August and the local holidays are the best times to go ,May till August is the squid jigging season, During this period of time you can go for squid jigging activities which can be arranged by any one of the local chalet here during the evening.

The boat operator who is on a Squid jigging “Candat Sotong” trip will rig his boat with many neon light or florescent tube around a few long pole stuck on both side of his ship Roof like a big Wing. The many light that illuminated the water, will attract squibs to gather in the shaded area under the boat

How to Squib Jigging 

You can start your squib jigging by let your little jig drop into the water about 1 or 2 feet and start jerking the line about 3 of 4 time, then pulled it up a bit till you saw your jig and then letting go.these step are done repeatedly .squib bite your jig when it fall and very softly . If your you jig felt a bit heavy ,quickly give a gentle jerk, but don’t jerk with all your strength as you don’t want to see your friend in the boat to be attack by your flying inking squib and Sharp Hooks.

Don’t be startle by the ink that been squirted out when you raise them out of the water as this is normal.

Like fish ,squib came in school,that if you saw that many people start catching this mean they are a school of squib under your boat,this is when your boat will have a fiasta of squib that u need to be quick on getting off the squib from the hook for the nex jigging before the school jet away. If the boat is very lucky, the boat’s ice container will be full of squib in 30 minute.

After coming back from your jigging trip. You can have your fresh squib, BBQ or just Fried them or eat it raw like the local do.

PS: To mine experience Makcik Gemuk Chalet is the best place to stay .
Getting there

From KL take a the daily flight offer by Malaysia Airlines or Air Asia to Kuala Terengganu Airport 

By Car
From Kuala Lumpur
Head east towards Kuantan. You will be driving on the Karak Highway all through to Kuantan, which takes approximately 3-4 hours. Once arriving on the outskirts of Kuantan town, head towards the Northeast, which will lead you to Kuala Terengganu. Marang is just on the outskirts of Kuala Terengganu town.

From Penang
Head towards Kota Baharu via the East-West Highway. Look out for the ‘Elephant Crossing? Signs.
From Kota Baharu, head South for Marang. This is a seaside village just outside of Kuala Terengganu. From Kuala Terengganu head down the highway 3 towards Kuantan. Marang is about 10km from the city centre.

From Johore or Singapore
Travel north on the North-South Highway and exit at Yong Peng. From Yong Peng, take highway 1 to Labis and later onto Segamat. Segamat will lead you to Highway 12 and all the way to Kuantan. From Kuantan, head towards the Northeast which will take you to Kuala Terengganu.

Additional Fact
There are plenty of boat operators at the jetty. Some of them take accommodation reservation or booking as well as snorkeling trip apart from boat ticket. You can book a room here or wait until you are on the island. the boat trip to the island takes 20 minutes.

or you can stay at some of the local home stay here at Bandar Marang like Damai Homestay while visting Marang Fishing Village

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