The history of trishaws in  Terengganu  dated  back almost  a generation  ago introduced  by  Chinese  immigrants. Used  to  be  a  preferred  mode  of transportation back in the 1900s to 70s  but  as  modernization slowly  adapts  to  the  way  of  life  with people able to afford their own mean of transportation, trishaw is no longer significant. Although  it is  no  longer  functional  as  the  preferred  choice, it is more for  recreational  purposes,  sending  children  to  schools  or  transporting goods.  There  are  not  as  many  trishaws as it used to be and  those  around  belong to  elderly Malays.  Take a sightseeing tour of attractions within Kuala Terengganu such as Chinatown, Istana Maziah, Bukit Puteri, the Waterfront or just fancy for a ride around town with no specific place to go. Try it...It‟ll be worth  an experience. (before its become extinct in the next 10 yrs….)

in you are interested you can read the stories about The 60-year-old trishaw pedaller seen in this picture at Here


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