Pulau Tenggol

Pulau Tenggol or Tenggol Island is the name for the most finest Diving spot in Peninsular Malaysia. Tenggol Island is the most unique in Terengganu, the name “Tenggol” which in the terengganu dialect means 'to perch',this is because first glimp of this islnd from afar ,You will see that the island resembles a person perching. The island till to today are still use by local fishermen as shelter from sudden tropical sea storms or bad whether.

The only beach here is the only long stretch beach of  Teluk Air Tawar or Fresh Water Bay. The sand here are modestly white , The beach is are frequent by its permanent customer, who came here every 8 or ten year . From the age of dinosaur, many green turtle and hawksbill turtles from across the globe are driven by their instincts have returned to mate in the same shore and to lay their egg at the same beach where they hatched from some 30…40…50…60 years ago.

The Island wonder was lay hidden for a long time, other than once used to be a hiding place by the Vietnamese’s Boat people before been discovered by the authority and was allocated to the Famous Pulau Bidong and as shelter from unseen bad whether. According from my father, Pa says that Pulau Tenggol was famous after some marine-biologist discovered  whale shark, dolphin and large amount of bio-diversities in the water of Tenggol Island and its secret underwater world. This finding were report in the press  and  soon the island was famous and throughout the year many heavenly diving sport was discovered. The local and centre government later to protect and develop it later, gazetted the island as part of Terengganu Marine Park. Where the island are protected by the fishing activities, spear fishing, and collecting the marine life even for study will require a permit and any un-inform building activities are strictly prohibited. Here u can only find one resort, which is the Tenggol Island Resort. In the end the island was never developed as  was a blessing.

With the frequent patrol , strict action and conservation by the Department of Fisheries Malaysia. The island and its diving site are unspoiled and much of the reef remains intact. and the most importantly its is very far from the tourist bee hive like Redang, Perhentian and The Kapas Island and there only one resort here. Thus leaving much of dive site un crowded

I don’t well come green horn’s diver to tenggol island to dive, unless, you are and experience diver or at least an advance level diver before coming here. The Dive master will test your skill in open water at the western bay of Teluk Air Tawar. The current here are at most of the dive site are very unpredictable thus making its quite dangerous for the green horn. and a lot of the famous dive site here should be temp by dive who had large experience in the open water.

The Western Bay of Teluk Air Tawar is a beautiful dive site and a must for and photographer, suitable for everyone can be reach from the beach, the calm seabed slopes gently from the shoreline. Its is very famous because here you can see into a lot of marine life and coral. Many green parrotfish ,sea turtle frequent here to feed, and lots of colourful coral fish like unique parrotfish, Nemo, Yellow tang, Angelfish, ray, Percula clownfish, sea snake, ells, moray and other dangerous sea life like zebra lion fish, Puffer fish, Sea Urchin, Starfish , Lion fish, Coral cat fish, octopus . Garden eel can bee seen poking around the sandy nudibranch and fire coral.

When dark, the bay will be full bloom into life like a big city. colourful night creature can be found almost everywhere. that even two tank will not be enough for photographer and some diver,suring this time most of us need to be more extra carefull as many poisonous creature can be found here that u need to scoured fist before swimming especially when reaching the surface area.

Still don’t lose track of time or your find your self sweep away far away from your group or ended hurt. There had been cases of hard headed tourist, Who didn’t heed any advice and also are to proud with their scuba experience or be little the warning from the Dive instructor that they pay top dollar to local fishemen to bring them here , sometime some of this dive result accident .

Most of the diver that come here are nature lover who is “Hard core Diver” and “seasons diver. there are some who came here during the month august to October to see the whale shark ,but most are here to see the few pod of dophin which frequent the south western side of Pulau Tenggol.

Even the shallow water in front of the resort are a good place for snorkelling for many kind of coral ,brain corals, staghorn corals,blah...blahhh.blah and  the dangerous fire corals. and its denizen.

There are a lot of famous diving spot but here, Pulau Nyireh,Tokong Laut or ‘The Highway’ , Coral Garden, White rock, Moonracker, Amazing Grace ,Sarang Lang and more .if you want to find out more of the diving site here ...u can check at Tenggol Island Resort. and use google image search at for “Tenggol coral” fish at tenggol.

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