Pantai Merang

Pantai Merang

Merang which is only 30 kilometer from Kuala Terengganu is one of the familiar tourist attraction in the land which is famous of it oil ridge in Malaysia .Can you please tell them about this Little fireflies sanctuary at The Sungai Mearang to the many people who are not aware about the little firefly sanctuary here then you can just ride the waves to Pulau Redang.

Pantai Merang The beach, although not the most famous in the east coast, its long white sandy beach and long stretches of tall coconut palm, golden sand, gentle surf promise abundant of activities for tourist and its sparkling emerald sea water will defiantly leave an unforgettable imprint in your memory.
The Jetty of Pantai Merang is also the gateway to world famous archipelago of Redang islands. With many Boat providing sea tour around the Redang isle and also to and return from the island. Before proceeding to next destination Which is Pulau Redang u might want to stop longer here as some of u might don’t know or have over looks before this.

Plantai Merang actually holds a jewel that many tourists don’t realize. The beautiful Mangrove swamp near the beach to a small river also have a fabulous little fireflies sanctuary.

To get here are very easy as nearby the jetty is a very warm and friendly fishing village from where u can easily find place to stay. They are a lot of boat that u can hire here to go up the fireflies sanctuary by in Merang riverside as a lot of local and some tourist alike came here to see the thousand of fireflies spectacularly glittering in the dark and experience the Mangrove swamp are along both side of the river, and the Sonneratia caseolaris (Berembang) tree while heading to the unofficial little firefly sanctuary . that I had witness during an Eco-Awareness camp that I went last august 2005 and if can.


Pantai Merang with its fabulous little fireflies sanctuary and beautiful Mangrove swamp . You migh want stop by and enjoy an abundant of fresh sea food prepare by many stall here that can be enjoy. The many scenic beaches is a good stop to enjoy the sea breeze before proceeding to next destination.

For those who are interested can also stay at Aryani Resort at Merang Beach before foing to Redang.

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Note: please DO Not to be confused with names, of Merang and Marang as Merang is the take-off point for visitors to Pulau.Redang, Pulau.Lang Tengah, Pulau Bidong and the other islands off this part of the coast. In addition, Marang in Marang District is the take-off point for Pulau Kapas which is much FURTHER down the coast.

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