Pantai Penarik & Pantai Rhu 10

Pantai Penarik and Rhu sepuluh an untouched coastal line of the Setiu district in Terengganu is quite popular as the main road to Kelantan and to Terengganu from Kelantan. Pantai Penarik is a haven for fresh supply of sea catch or watching many fishemen boat coming ashore.

Just 400 meter from Kampung Penarik .You will find Pantai Rhu sepuluh which is famous in Terengganu for its batter fried fish server steaming hot in your plate which is quite delicious and if you just wanted to passing trough Penarik make sure you close your window or you may be tempted by its delicious aroma to stop .

Driving along Penarik is a pleasant experience. Along the way, there are coconut trees shading the road and Malay village houses spotted here and there between the trees.

The beach, Pantai Penarik at Kampung Penarik is somewhere behind the coconut trees, 90km to the north of Kuala Terengganu. Straight and sandy coast line is the major attraction for holiday seekers who intend to tan their skin and have a picnic for couple hours of quite and relaxing time.

Much of the area is coated with wild, gnarled vegetation. Here and there, local fishermen park their boats amongst the mangroves as they stop to mend their traps and to install bubu(fish traps) in the shallow waters. 

Streams running into the ocean provide nursery grounds for young fries and also hunting grounds for monitor lizards, otters and an assortment of birds including predators like eagles and owls. It is also the perfect place for fishermen to hide from the heat of the day.

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