Pantai Kijal

Pantai Kijal

Besides traditional fishing activities, Kijal is known as a vacation place with tranquil and beautiful scenic view of its mile long beach with coconut tree and pine tree waving in the powerfull breeze from the South China Sea. Kijal is quite famous to tourist who wish to main seclude by anyone where u can rent a room at the many budget inn here. 

Sadly all the inn are over booked from year on to year on. Finding one empty room here can be count as a blessing.

Pantai Kijal are the most famous place for Golfing and spa which is run by a 5 Star resort called Awana Kijal Golf, Beach & Spa Resort which is the only resort here and in my opinion is the biggest championship green in the whole Terengganu and I like they green, driving range, kayaking and walking inside the beautiful Garden and pool here.. They green are quite popular among the many pro golfer in Malaysia to tried they 18-hole championship
golf course.

Beside golfing there are more thing that can be done here at Pantai Kijal and if you are tired , you can just go lay lazily at the Spa there for hour and hour.

How To Get Here

By Road:
From Kuala Terengganu, head south down coastal highway towards Kuantan,  bypassing Pantai Kemasik. From Kuantan, take the East Coast Highway heading towards Kuala Terengganu. When you reach the border of the state of Terengganu, you'll pass through the town of Chukai, Kemaman. Drive further towards the town of Kijal. From Kijal village, on the old trunk road (past some houses & food stalls), there is a small sign that reads Destinasi Pelancongan Pantai Kijal. Turn right here, past a Malay cemetery towards the beach.

By Bus:
Bus tickets are easily available in most major towns and cities in Peninsular Malaysia. But the tickets to Kemaman as there will be transportations available there. There are accommodations available in Kerteh and Kijal towns itself which will be nearer to the beach. Most hotels should be able to arrange taxi service and there are a few local agent that provides car rental services.
There is local bus services that ply regular route along Chukai, Kijal, Kerteh, Paka and Dungun towns but it would be much more convenient to reach Pantai Kijal by own transportation

By Air
There are flights to Kerteh by Firefly Air from Subang Airport in Kuala Lumpur. Using Malaysia Airlines or Air Asia via Kuala Terengganu will take a longer route. From the airport, grab a taxi to either Chukai, Kerteh or Kijal.

Where To Stay

1.  Awana Kijal Beach, Golf & Spa Resort
2.  River Garden Chukai
3.  Awana Apartment kijal
4.  Serasi Inn Kerteh
5.  Muni Hotel

Where To Eat

1.  Mesra Mall Food Court in Kerteh
2.  Tong Juan Restaurant
3.  Mohd Noor Mohd Madarsa Restaurant
4.  McDonalds Drive In, Kerteh
5.  KFC in Kijal

or you can read some of the review of the place at


awana kijal, lemang kijal, durian kijal, pantai kijal, bandar baru kijal, duku kijal, aku org kijal...hihihihi....


ambe pun orang kijal gok....hihihi...


kite pun duk kijal gok...Bandar Baru Kijal pulok dalam pembangunan...ermmmm...
'Tok Peraih'=Man who making 'enterpise'


molek doh.. org kijal je hok buwi komeng.. mane pelawat-pelawat laing.???


Luh..Org Kijal je dok gi Komeng Sajo... Mukim Pelawat Lain do tidur kat Strawbery hotel

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