Taman Pertanian Negeri

Taman Pertanian Negeri.

The State Agriculture Park/ Taman Pertanian Negeri also know as Sekayu Agriculture Park by the local is one of the most famous agro tourism Park (almost - a very nature enclave) in Terengganu and are among the most visited by nature lover and city folk as it is in the Sekayu Tourism Corridor as it is near to a large variety of attraction at Sekayu like the famous Sekayu Recreational Forest (Hutan Lipur Sekayu), Sekayu States Park, Sekayu Waterfall, Sekayu Herbal Farm ,Sekayu Mini Zoo (the only Zoo in Terengganu )and more.

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With the many attraction that can been found in one place ..Which why the number of visitor in 1 month here at the Taman Pertanian Negeri are more than the visitor in a whole year that visited the Kenyir National Park in Terengganu. Another reason is that as the place have all the modern amenity for family recreation needed by the city folk then what we needed, Thus why I chose to translate it and feature it from the Department of Agriculture Terengganu Website about this place.

The Taman Pertanian Sekayu is Terengganu’s first Agriculture Park. The State Agriculture Park was first developed by the state government in 1982. The park is run by the Department of Agriculture of Terengganu, can be located at Kampung Sekayu (Sekayu Village), in Hulu Terengganu district in the area of the Taman Pelancongan Sekayu or Tourism Park of Sekayu in the Sekayu Tourism Corridor area. which was already famous for its Recreational Forest and waterfall.

Even thou the Sekayu Agriculture Park are about 50 kilometers from the town of Kuala Terengganu. Agriculture Park are easily accessible by modern road as there are a lot of public amenities that are prepare by the states gorvenment which makes it more easier to go there, Along the way visitor can find a lot of signboard that can show you to the Hutan Lipur Sekayu (Sekayu Recreational Forest) as the locations or the agriculture park are near that place which is why it chosen in the first place. The area at the Famous Hutan Lipur make it the most suitability place for the agriculture park to receive visitors from the many good attractions at Sekayu.The Taman Pertanian also is a blessing to the local villager.Here with the Park the villager are allow to operated the trishaw service and also to sell their fruit and green product at the Gate to the visitor and also as a side income to the local villager.

Sekayu Agriculture Park is a park which is combine with many aspect of agriculture, aquaculture, and herding which interact naturally with the forest inviroment. The Sekayu Agriculture Park has now been know as one of the most important agrotourism and famous tourist attraction in sekayu, the states and also from the abroad.

The Taman Pertanian Negeri are about 85.02 hectare that are full with many attraction .Among the many famous attraction at the park are:


The Orchid Park / “Taman Orkid”.

Picture here of the gate

Every visitor that came to the Taman Orkid will have the chances to see a large assortment of Hybrid Orchid and Exotic Orchid species that can be found in Malaysia. The combination of colour with the arangenmend of the many asorment of spcies in uniform manner had cause the park to be come an interesting place to visit and also an attraction to the many visitors and guess that frequent the agriculture park. Beside that, the location of the orchid park is also close to the Flower Park, which make it’s a “Must See” to the visitor.
Picture Ochid

The department of agriculture had uses many new aspect with new proper technique in the planting of the Orchid at the park. This is done as a way to espouse to the visitor and the public and also to the many Orchid growers in Malaysia and also the potentials of Orchid industry in Malaysia and abroad.


The Flower Park or “Taman Bunga”

Picture of the Garden

The Taman Bunga was lanscaped under the plan of a Park in a Garden. It was created especially as a family recreational garden for the visitor .Inside this park, you can find a large beautiful landscaped little garden pool, many arsorment of flower species ,”Taman Mini Burung” or Little Bird Park and also a Playground garden for chidren that are design to blen in with the flower park.

Visitor can sit here at the Garden on the many bench and also public amenity that are prepared here to suite the need of the many visitors including a picnic area.Enjoying the cool scented air of the flower garden in the middle of the forest is quite refreshing to the mind and soul where visitor can just relax, while watching the many flower , bird ,butterfly and other insect.

Beside that ,a group picnic is very suitable to be held here as a way of getting together with colleague and friend.


Fruit Orchard Park or “Taman Buah-Buahan”

The Taman Buah-Buahan are design to introduce the many kind of local fruit product in Malaysia. Here in the orchard there are large variety of local fruit plant that can be found here like the King of Fruit; “Durian” a fruit with pungent smell but delicious to the taste buld.and many more like the “Duku”, Cempedak”, “Nangka” dan “Limau Langkat”.

Picture 7

All the fruit tree here at the orchard had been mass planted carefully, so that the tree bear fruit throughout the year with out having to wait for it season. This is a plus to the visitor to taste and to buy home the many fruit here. The Orchard is also a place to see and taste the local fruit that can be found here like the Star fruit, where 60% of the world export of Star fruit came from Malaysia. The fruit tree that had been plated at the orchad are of the highest variety of grade and high quality.


Hydroponics Park / “Taman Hydroponik”
Picture 8
The hydroponics park was built in the Agriculture Park as a way to expose the visitor and public of the new “Environment Safe” planting system without using soil and land which are free from insect and chemical.
Picture 9
The plant and vegetable that are grow using the Hydroponics system only need a short time before to be ready for harvest that the old conventional way. Especially Tomato and Green vegetable to the market can be produce with highest quality.
Visitor can also bough the Vegetable home as a way to promote the taste of vegetable that are grow by the hydroponics’ system.

Aquaculture Park / Taman Perikanan
There are 3 kind of breeding that exist here, which is breeding in the flowing current water, in a pool and inside the aquarium .Different assortment of fresh water fish can be found here at the park like the expensive Jelawat, Patin, Tilapia, Kap and Lampan. Which is a perfect place for those who are interested on the local fresh water fish that can be found here.
Picture 10

Beside this, the park offer a very “can not be refused offer” ,the many fish that are breed in the large pool can be fish by the visitor ,during the time that are scheduled by the park authority .Those who want to join the scheduled angle activites here must obtain a permit first and the fish that had been successfully angle by the angler will be sold to them with an affordable price .
Which is one of the main attraction here, while the man and women can go fishing while the rest can watch the many fish at the large aquarium.
The Domestic Farm Park/ “Taman Ternakan”
Picture 11
The Domestic Park contain a few assortment of animal that are breed here, some of them are rabbit, pheasant, bird and deer. The objective of the farm and park is to made this park as a place and a center for learning about the habitat, the feeding, and the breeding of the animal to the visitor and student . Whis place is also the favorite place to bring young chidren here .Here you may have a chance to feed them and play with the rabbit here.
The park also sells the meat from this place to the visitor.

Arboretum / “Taman Koleksi”

ARBORETUM or Taman koleksi are divided to two parts. The Fruit Arboretum which emphasis on rare traditional fruit like the “Sentul” , “Kecapi”, “Kerian” , “Asam Gelugor” , “Melinjau” and the other where most of them are forgotten by the new generation who only know about apple and strawberry and oranges and most of the farmer prefer to plant fruit that have economical value like the pineapple and banana that are easily to planted and a short time to harvest.

Picture 12

The second part are The Medicine Arboretum, which emphasis on collection of more than 160 of herb and plant that have medical properties and also rare herb like the Famous “Tongkat Ali” , “Ubi Jaga” , “Kenerak” , “Teja” and the rest. The main function of the park are to save , to protect the species from disappearing and to promoted the tradisional herb and medicine plant.

Sekayu was chosen as a Medicine Arboretum was because Sekayu is the motherlands that are rich of herb and medicine. All the herb in Terengganu can be said came from Sekayu. Most of the herb that can be found here at the arboretum was already there , while the rest was came from the outside by finding and buying.

Beside as an Arboretum the Park was also chosen as Research Center for Traditional Plant on the 23.6 hectare ground.

Recreational Amenities

Picture 12A

For the comfortable for the many visitor that came here, Beside the agrocuture attraction, the Taman Pertanian Negeri also provided many amenites for the rekreatinal purpose for the visitor. Here visitor can find a recreational pool that had been specially erected for family recreations, here visitor will be prepared with Sampan ,boat, Paddle Boat ,Water bicycles and canoe .
Visitor will also have a chance to taste and pleasure of the fresh water fish from the breeding pen at the floating restaurant in the pool or one that their had angler at the Aquaculture Park. The price of the menu here are very affordable.

Picture 14

At one of the area near the edge of the hill here, Visitor can find a lovely and interesting nature waterfall and area which can provide a good rekeratinal place for family to picnic, and refreshing outing by bathing, playing and dipping in the cool pool after a long walk at the big agriculture park.
Beside that, the area here are also a favorite place to camp if they chose not to stay at the Hutan Lipur Sekayu.

The Entry Fee and Othre Service that are offer here

The entry fee and other service

at Taman Pertanian Negeri in Sekayu,Terengganu


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