Fast Fact about Terengganu


Geography and Climate 

Terengganu is situated in the east coast of Peninsular Malaysia. To the north lies  the  Kelantan  state  while  the  state  of  Pahang  borders  to  its  south. Terengganu  covers  a  land  area  of  12,995  sq km  with  244  km  of  scenic coastline  overlooking  South  China  Sea.  With  an  equatorial  location  at  4 degrees 45 north and 103 degrees 0 east, Terengganu boasts a fine tropical climate,  with  uniform  temperatures  averaging  from  23-33  degrees  Celsius and  a  mean  humidity  of  about  90%.  Rainfalls  are  copious,  accounting  to Terengganu‟s  lush  rainforest  and  vegetation.  Generally  two  seasons  are distinguished:  the  rainy/wet  season  and  the  dry  season.  The  wet  season starts November until February, with the onset of the northeast monsoon in Peninsular  Malaysia.  Other  months  are  dry  season  with  occasional wet weather. 

State Capital
Kuala  Terengganu,  the  heritage  waterfront  city,  is  strategically  located  on
the banks of the Terengganu River.

Administrative Districts
Kuala  Terengganu, Kuala Nerus (A New District that was form from Kuala Terengganu District in the south ), Kemaman,  Dungun,  Besut,  Dungun,  Hulu  Terengganu  and Setiu.

Terengganu  has  a  population  of  approximately 1,094,300  consisting  of  95% Malays and the rest comprising of Chinese, Indians and other ethnics.

Working Days
Government offices and banks working days are from Sunday to Thursday and the weekend falls on Friday and Saturday.



The newly upgraded Sultan Mahmud Airport is situated approx. 18 km north of  Kuala Terengganu  city centre.  Taxis  and  car rental  desks  are  available  at the  arrival  hall.  The  mezzanine  level  has  a  variety  of  souvenir  shops  and cafes. 
Malaysian Airlines, Air Asia and Firefly Air operate daily flights to the Sultan Mahmud  Airport  in  Kuala  Terengganu  from  Kuala  Lumpur  International Airport,  Low  Cost  Carrier  Terminal  and Subang Airport respectively.  The daily Firefly and Berjaya Air flights from Subang Airport in Kuala Lumpur and Singapore‟s Seletar Airport offer  a  convenient  and  time  saving  way  to  visit Terengganu. Berjaya  Air ply direct  route to  Pulau Redang both  from  Subang in Malaysia and Seletar Airport in Singapore.

List of Airlines :

1)  Malaysia  Airlines  -  Kuala  Terengganu  Airport  09-666  4204/09-666 6845
2) Firefly – Reservations 03-7845 4543
3) Air Asia – Kuala Terengganu Airport 09-667 1017
4) Berjaya Air – Reservations 03-7845 8382 


Terengganu  is  accessible via  intercity  expressway  networks from  all  major towns and cities in Peninsular Malaysia, Thailand and Singapore. The new East Coast  Highway  and  the  Simpang  Pulai  Highway  via  Tasik  Kenyir  offers  a convenient  and  scenic  journey. Driving by car  with  friends  or  loved  ones  can be  pretty  much  an  interesting  trip.  Aside  from  the  greeneries  that  can  be seen  through  out  your  journey,  the  fresh air  and  unpolluted  countryside  can offer  a captivating  experience.  Once  you  get  to  Terengganu  road,  the beautiful  beaches  and  blue  waters  welcomes you. Travelling  from  the  south through the Segamat Highway offers an exciting trip as well. Luxury double-decker  coaches,  taxis  and  rental  cars  are  available  from all major  cities in Peninsular Malaysia.


Terengganu's islands are accessible by boat from several jetty points on the mainland.

Pulau Perhentian
Kuala Besut Tourist Jetty - (2 ½ hour drive up north from Kuala Terengganu). There are ferries, speedboats and wooden boats available daily with morning  departures  start  as  early  as  8.00  am. The  return  ticket  to  the  island  is RM70.00  per  person. There  are  water  taxis  available  for  shuttles  between Perhentian kecil and Perhentian Besar at reasonable rate.

Pulau Redang and Pulau Lang Tengah
a)  Merang  Tourist  Jetty  in  Setiu – (1/2  hour  drive  up  north  from  Kuala Terengganu)
b)  Shahbandar Tourist Jetty in Kuala Terengganu

Speedboats ply daily regular services from Merang Jetty while ferry service caters both islanders  and  tourists  with  daily  departures  from  Shahbandar Jetty  in  Kuala  Terengganu.  The  return  ticket  from  Merang  to  Redang  is RM90.00  per  person  while  to  Lang  Tengah  is  RM100.00  per  person.  Ferry ticket costs RM100.00 per person return.

A private carrier Berjaya Air operates direct flights from Subang Airport in Kuala  Lumpur  and  from  Seletar  Airport  in  Singapore.  It  provides  fast  and convenient way for a weekend gateway in Pulau Redang without the hassle of land and sea transfers.

Pulau Kapas and Pulau Gemia
The entry point is the tourist jetty in Marang town, a mere 20 minutes drive south  of  Kuala  Terengganu.  The  speedboat  rides  takes  just  10  minutes.  No wonder  as  Kapas  is  the  nearest  island  to  the  mainland.  Boat,  tours  and accommodation  services  are  available  at  the  jetty. It  costs  RM40.00  per person for a return trip by speedboat to either Gemia or Kapas Island.

Pulau Tenggol
Kuala  Dungun  Jetty  is  situated 1  hour  scenic  coastal  drive  south  of  Kuala Terengganu.  The  journey to  the  island takes  approximately  45  minutes  with speedboat that costs RM120.00 per person.

Getting to Kenyir Lake  

Taxis  are  available  either  from  Kuala  Terengganu  Airport  or  from  the  taxi terminal in Kuala Terengganu city. The journey takes approximately 1 hour to reach  Pengkalan  Gawi  Jetty.  Alternatively,  there  is  daily  direct  bus  service from Hentian Putra in Kuala Lumpur to Pengkalan Gawi Jetty at a cost of Rm 80 (6 to 7 hour drive)


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