Kampung Penarik

Kampung Penarik

Kampung Penarik, a quiet, orderly little fishing village. Lining the path were tranquil houses on stilts with tidy gardens. Fishing nets hung out to dry, rows of colourful batik sarongs lined washing lines – flapping in the gentle sea breeze.
This place is the most famous place for sea-food enthusiastic to buy fresh sea food and cooked here at the many daily sea-food Restaurant here up till midnight.

A little way from the village is Penarik Inn... somewhere to stay where the beach is clean, the sand is as fine and white as castor sugar, and the hospitality is just nice – homey and unobtrusive. The main house where Penarik Inn’s owners call ‘home’ is the central area. Behind is the reception ; close by is the kitchen and dining area. Most times than not, dinner is set out in the lawn, under the stars and between swaying coconut trees. Chalets are structured after tranquil houses on stilts.

The chalets are tranquil, and the bed linen may be a little gaudy but its comfortable and has clean, airy attached bathrooms . For a mere RM55 per room per night, it’s worth it for the tranquillity. Owned by Baha and Ana moved away from the hustle and bustle of Kuala Lumpur some years ago to set up a whole new environment for their young, growing children.
The Sungai Penarik (River) And Pantai Penarik Favorite place for Kaki Pancing /Hard core Angler as Crab, XXL fish and Udang Galah,(Go image Google its) are found abundant here. Don’t be surprise at number of the angler and sea-food lover here, over number the people and tourist that came here for picnic and for Sungai Penarik firefly’s appreciation activities.

Tips :
Always bring a picnic basket and a of Fishing set and another backup Rod. Many of the fish here are strong XXL size game fish like Ikan Toman, Ikan Haruan tasik, Pari, and lots more (use Google picture search for those name)


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