Hutan Lipur Sekayu

Hutan Lipur Sekayu.

Hutan Lipur Sekayu or Recreational Forest of Sekayu are located in the Forest Reserve of Hulu Terengganu Tambahan .16 Km from Kuala Berang. The place are bless with many nature wonder with abundant of flora and fauna .the Recreational Forest of Sekayu is one of the most famous recreational forest in Terengganu.

The reason why Sekayu is very famous is becouse of its unique waterfall; a large and beautiful water fall that had three different sloped level.which is very beautiful and charming.Many people including me can claims that the river here is the most crystal clear in whole Terengganu as you can clearly see your foot even though you are standing almost 2 meter in the water.
The crystal clear and cold water that flow from the Sekayu river and the beauty of the mother nature all around is very suitable for resting your mind and body and bringing your family for a picnic here and to take part in the Recreational activities.
Beside the river and the waterfall ,Hutan Lipur Sekayu are famous with its rich earth that contain many nature treasure of flora and fauna that are well protected and guarded. There are many kind of tree and plant species that can be found here including those which have high medicine properties and value and easy to be found here. All the tree and plant here are well marked and are easy to see.


The Recreational Forest also have a large area that are suitable for family picnicking and outing activities all over along the sekayu river with many changing room and washroom and a lot camping area around Sekayu complit with a fire place to cook and boon fire ,with electric and clean water supply .There are many thing that can be see here from the many fruit and food seller and shop that can be found just out side of the main gate till the exhibition hall of the flora and fauna at the forestry department. here to the many beautiful wonder that mother nature have to offer to those who seeks her.
Visitor can relax their day and enjoy walking along the many the recreational ground and see the fruit orchard, garden ,bird park, mini zoo at sekayu like the monkey, beaver ,Malaysia sun bear and other. Vistor can also walks along the forest trail that are prepared by the department to see the assortment of plant and wild life at the nearby forest.

Picture at Recreational Forest of Sekayu

gate way to the park -------The beautiful Tersat river--- Chalets for overnight stay available

Getting Here:
located 16km from Pekan (town) Kuala Berang trough the Jalanraya Kuala Berang-Sekayu,56 Km from Bandar Kuala Terengganu.

Visitor can use they own transportation or public transportation like airplane,
bas or taxi from KL to Kuala Terengganu to Kuala Berang before departing to The Recreational Forest of Sekayu.

Tips :

Sekayu is also famous as the largest producer of Buah Salak .(see the thorny salak plant that are planted at both side of the main Gate to the park.) The salak fruit is cover in scaly skins like snake scale and a dark yellow seed as big as your thumb,the fruit grown near the sterm of these thorny palma. The fruit that are ripen will taste very delicious while those that are no quite riping are to dry will taste very badly like vile of Sour crop that had been left for ages.
It is best that you buy a little amount to taste first as a lot of the trader here will claim that they Salak are ripen but actually wasn’t.

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