List Famous Batik,Songket & Craft Centre

This is a list of the most famous Centre for craft and textile shop and boutique ,throughout Terengganu 7 District.

Among the Most Famoust are

1.Malaysia Handicraft Centre
or Kraftangan Malaysia in Chendering
(Batik/Songket/Rattan and pandanus/ Mat Weaving) office No : 09-622 1539

2.Bibah Songket
home of the Original Bibah Songket , the finest woven songket since 1982, with customer ranging from Royalties and many dignities.So I don’t need to brag on How famous Bibah Songket is.... The owner Hajjah Habibah or Bibah is the founder and master designer of Bibah Songket. Bibah is the recipients of many songket design awards, including the award trophy in the Biennial Wicitra Competition . Her songket today graces the interior of Mutiara Hotel Kuala Lumpur, Istana Melawati, Menara Tun Razak, Shangrila Hotel in Putrajaya, and Petronas University, just to name a few. Bibah is the one who produce the Songket sarongs as gifts for Britain's Queen Elizabeth during the Head of Commonwealth Conference at Langkawi in 1989 are also the one responsible in the revolution in the craft of songket weaving in Malaysia.Office : Her family residence in Chendering 09-617 1853 or

3.Sutera Semai Center in KTCC or 6km south of Kuala Terengganu (sell and make all kind Batik, Songket and main Silk weaving and fashion Centre in Terengganu a good place to watch silk weaving ) many tour busses by the agency will stop here. Office No:09-617 1355

4.Artikah Songket
in (KTCC)/ Kuala Terengganu City Centre (a large assortment of Batik and Songket and fashion ,frequent by many famous people - are famous up to KL and Singapore) Office No:09-623 1973

5.Noor Arfa Batek
in KTCC.(Batik specialist and Batik fashion wear here you can find many fashion wear that will amazed you like Artikah Songket as both Sell the best quality of batik and Songket)Office No:09-617 5766

6.Batik Terbakang
(Batik) I heard it is quite good but I had Never went there .
Office No:09-619 3801

7.Pura Tanjung Sabtu
(Songket and craft) A must visit* the centre is a old Malay residence which had been restore by the well-known Terengganu-born royalties and architect HNR Prince YM Raja Datuk Kamarul Bahrin Shah. Turn into textile and art craft centre. You will be amazed by its architecture and are open for the public (Busloads of tourist frequent here ) You can also opt to stay at it Home stay program.
Office No:09-615 3655

8.Pusat Budaya Kraft
(Handicraft Culture Centre of Terengganu) in the heart of KTCC You will be awed with the many magnificent art that are displayed here.*A must Visit to see almost all the Handicraft of Terengganu.
Office No:09-617 1633.

9.Balai Seni Ukiran (Word Carving Art Centre
) in Kuala Besut * a must Visit as here the woodcarving from Terengganu are among the most famous in Malaysia. The woodcarving of Terengganu are excellent workmanship and you can buy them directly from the many woodcarvers themselves in Kuala Besut or just to visit the nearby handicraft centre to see the best of traditional wood carving on display.
Office No:09-695 6803.

10.Abd Malek Ariffin (WoodCarving)
is one of the most famous wood carver in Terengganu .This place are open for public if you wish to see how the delicated wood carving are carve and buy them directly.
Office No:09-618 1195.

11.Durian Mas Clay
(Ceramic) is the most famous place to find the most beautiful ceramic and pottery in Terengganu .You will be surprise to see how many tourist are interested in ceramic art.
Office No:013-944 1170

12.Saralisa Batik
(Batik) my Malay friend say that most of the visitor here are Female as a lot of the fashion are for female.The fashion house is a two story shop,it is on Gong Kapas Road, the between of area of the Umno building of Kuala Terengganu and Nur Frozen Supermarket
Office No:09-622 4634.

There also Which you can order online if you cant have enough the batik dress or Songket from Terengganu own by young entrepreneur Ross

Here one of the Tour here which offer Heritage tourin Kt


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pakcik malik (abdul malek ariffin) doesnt live there anymore. when i was in primary school, i always went to his house to play with his children. i dont know where he moved to... should have 'mengurat' his gorgeous daughter earlier. hehe...


thank You about the information about pakcik malik (abdul malek ariffin)..look like i have to update alot of information in this page since it keep popping all the place all Terengganu Craft

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