The entry fee and service at TPN

The entry fee and other service
Taman Pertanian Negeri in Sekayu,Terengganu

A) Entry Fee to the Taman Pertanian Negeri.

1.) Children Below 12 year of ages. –Free-
2.) School Student wearing Uniform. – RM0.50.
3.) Visitor above 12 of ages. – RM1.00

B) Camping --------------------- Normal Day / Holiday

Tent Fee_______
1.) Small Tent (2 person) RM 3.00/RM 4.00
2.) Medium Tent (4 Person) RM 6.00/RM 8.00
3.) Large Tent (5+ person) RM10.00/RM12.00

______Camp Site_________________Fee________
1.) Small RM 1.00/RM 2.00
2.) Medium RM 2.00/RM 3.00
3.) Large RM 3.00/RM 4.00

C) Tram Service:

Visitor Aged Fee__________
1.) 4 year and below Free
2.) 4 – 11 year old RM0.50
3.) 12 year and above RM1.00
4.) Student (wearing Uniform) RM0.50

D) Horse Coach Service

Visitor Aged Fee__________
1.) 4 year and below Free
2.) 4 – 11 year old RM1.00
3.) 12 year and above RM2.00

E) Horse Ride Service:’

Visitor Aged Fee__________
1.) 11 year old and below RM0.50
2.) 12 year and above RM1.00

F) Renting and Fee of Water Spots service for each (30 minutes)

Service Type / Fee__________
1.) Paddle Sampan (2 person) / RM1.00
2.) Kayak (2 person) / RM1.00
3.) Rubber Paddle Boat (2 Person) / RM1.50
4.) Aqua bike / Water Bicycle (2 person) /RM1.50

G) Renting Fee of Bicycle service for each (first ,second and third Hour)

Service Fee__________
1.) First Hour RM3.00
2.) Second RM2.00
3.) Third and the next 1 Hour RM1.00

H) Renting Fee of Trishaw service by the villager = (Feel free to tips them more)

Service Fee__________
1.) One Whole Day RM5.00 (that doesn’t mean u can abuse them)
One way Trip ONLY
2.) Travel from Hutan Lipur to Kolam Rekreasi RM2.00
3.) Travel from Hutan Lipur to Air Tejun RM2.00
4.) Travel from Hutan Lipur to Taman Orkid RM2.00

I) Renting Service and license for fishing
Only for Friday, Saturday and public Holiday

*license for fishing….RM2.00*

Service or type Duration Fee________

1.) 1 Fishing Rod 3 Hour RM3.00
2.) 1 Pack of fish Feed 250gram RM2.00

Note: The fish that had been caught will be sell to the angler with attractive price.
Except for Jelawat, Patin and Patin fish will be sold at RM 6.00 while the other kind of fish will be sold at RM3.50 each.

J) Renting Service for Other special amenities and equipment

Service Fee__________
1.) Open Stage 1 day/RM10.00
2.) Canopy (1 unit) 1 day/RM10.00
3.) Kitchen cooking table with gas 1 day/RM20.00
4.) Gas Lamp 1 day/RM05.00
5.) Haricane Lamp 1 day/RM01.00

K) Storage Service Fee for helmet and others are charges RM0.50 per day

L) Price for Fruit product and Hydroponics harvest will be sold according to market
* price will be inform / in display from time to time.*


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