Tourism Development and Change in Small Islands : Lessons from Perhentian Kecil, Malaysia

A study paper which was done on Perhentian  Kecil. Where The  Working Paper  examines the  island  destination, its  changes  with the arrival of the first multi-storey resort hotel. It discuss whether Perhentian Kecil is now at the key  moment  when  a  destination  changes  from  small-scale  backpacker  tourism  to  a different  tourism  form  and,  given  the  fragile  island  environment,  it  faces  severe challenges  if  larger  scale  tourism  develops.

Two  key  factors  are  examined  -  the changing planning environment and local entrepreneurs‟ characteristics -  that  may account  for  why  the  island  has  reached  a  moment  of  qualitative  change  after  years  of organic ‟ bottom-up  incremental  growth.  Using  insights  from  Resilience  Theory  the paper argues that this  island destination  is an example of  non-linear change rather than
conventional resort evolution. 

Key  words: island  tourism;  resorts;  planning;  backpackers;  economic  development

Download the Paper here : Tourism-Development-and-Change-in-Small-Islands-Lessons-From-Perhentian-Kecil-Malaysia


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