K'redang Accommodations - New Budget Rooms Near Pasar Payang

K'redang Accommodations a low cost budget Rooms

Rates start from: RM25/night/person
(mix room of 6)

Private room for 2: RM59.00/Night
(Shared bathroom)

Private room for 4: RM75.00/Night
(Shared Bathroom)

Private room for 6: RM95.00/Night
(Shared bathroom)


  Phone Number For Booking: 

Office:             09 622 2553
Mobile Phone: 017 944 1619

Facebook: "Penginapan Kredang"  

Owner ---> Dahalan Abdullah: Phone  

Note from Author:

To Budget Rooms and Home stay owner Send me an Email + Picture and the Rate of the Rooms or Package if you want your Rooms and Accommodation to be list here or Webpage Link to the Email Bellow

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