The Difference of Perahu Payang and Perahu Kolek

Perahu Payang (drag-net boat operate from 10 to 14 people) are different than that of Perahu Kolek which can be categorizes as 3 type of sampan named as:
  1. Kolek Lincang - is a deep fishing boat by using drag-net or pulling net)
  2. Kolek Pengail - also know as Kolek Sehari bulan due to it half moon shape of it bellies / "U" shape are use for fising trip by rod, netting and collecting fishing trap at the coastal area usually operate by 3 to 5 people because of its size)
  3. Kolek Kuel - the smallest of its type are use for rod fishing and fish netting activity not ranging far from the coast)
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