Weather forecast Tools for Terengganu (Malaysia)

Weather forecast at Terengganu, Malaysia
There a site by Meteorological Institute which provide free good weather forecast that are run by is made jointly by the Norwegian Meteorological Institute and the NRK. They are responsible for the data and the subject content, NRK for presentation, design, editorial content and the delivery of notifications to users. This include more than 9 million places in the whole world. The Norwegian "place names" follow the official spelling from the Norwegian Mapping Authority. In addition, they provide news and facts surrounding the weather. is based on data from the Norwegian Meteorological Institute and from the international collaborators to the Department (ECMWF, EUMETSAT etc.).The forecasts is directed for the public. while others will be so specialized that they can only be of interest to a few. is financed by taxes and license fees, and should therefore be "something for everyone". especialy tourist that are Visiting Terengganu and other places around the world


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