The trekking in Pulau Redang and its Village

Redang Island is still a very much covered by the Rainforest, thank for the government and local islande effort. The ideal time for going for a trekking is at a round 7’o’Clock in the morning. Where you will find the air very fresh and protected by the Strong heat of the morning mist.

Walking up the hill at Pulau Redang
The trek that you can find here is about 2.5 Km trail that lead from Pasir Panjang a beautiful beach in Teluk Dalam, where nearby you can find a Kampung or village . The trail at the hilly island of Redang is fascinating in its own way.

Pulau Redang Lagoon view

Make sure that you bring a camera.with and extra role of two. The trail is well marked and trodden as this place is a favourite path for local and some staff on the island that you may meet during they morning Jog. During you journey you may encounter a small stream and a pool alive with local Catfish,If you are lucky u may encounter Redang’s unique wildlife but harmless animals such as the shy Kancil “mousedeer” looking for food .(please don’t surprise or scare them as the Kancil here are can easily day offright...No..joking.!!) .
Jungle trekking the forest

Sometimes there might be long tailed macaque monkey hanging on the trees staring at you,sometime on the tree you can find flying squire, along the way you will see many wonder that are created by the mother earth and also a very beautiful and scenic view of The tranquil and isolated bay of Berjaya Redang Beach Resort is accompanying by snowy white sandy beach . the trail will end at Berjaya Redang Resort

Redang Fishing VIllage signboard

Following the properly sealed road will lead you to the “Kampung Nelayan” Redang Fishing village.The village here you can find house that are Centered around a small mosque which sits up on a small hill. You can find a mamak stall or local Restaurant for some humble food for a change , Mee Goreng (Fried Noodle) , a cup of KoPi Kaw ( coffee ),or you could tried the famous Nasi lemak and Roti Canai here .


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