Tasik Kenyir

Tasik Kenyir is a great lake with great place for natural lover and photo enthusiasts and wild life observation. Since it is an protected area as it is part of the oldest rain forest in the world (130-million year old) with endless of abundance of nature diversity which is rich with ecosystem which remain protected even though it is open to the public as tourist attraction and resort.

The lake itself is also a melting pot as a modest accommodation is also offer here for adventure, fun seeker and with many activities like, fishing, kayaking, rafting, jungle trekking and many more out door adventure which can be found all over Tasik Kenyir except at the Tanjung Mentong area in Tasik Kenyir which is a protected area and parts of Taman Negara

Beside being a part of oldest rain forest in the world and being the one of the Best fishing spot in Malaysia, it is also the most unique gateway to the Taman Negara.

The beautiful and serine green lake

Tasik Kenyir or Kenyir Lake is just 55 km from Kuala Terengganu Cities. Located in the interior of Terengganu, The Kenyir Lake beside being the largest man made lake in Southeast Asia, its is also reputed to be one of the largest and most fascinating man-made lake in the world. It is also Malaysia’s Largest rock filled hydroelectric dam. This immense lake also serves as another gateway to the Taman Negara at Tanjung Mentong

The Kenyir Lake which is part of Taman Negara ,span over 260,000 hectares. Its vast boundary alone will be promises to astound you with its extraordinary mixture of exotic flower and fauna which offer an endless of discovery of new flora and fauna and also new adventure as most of its ground are still unexplored due to its vast and immense boundary which is haven for undulating landscapes.

Tasik Kenyir or Kenyir Lake was ‘completed’ unexpected in 1991 ,When the area was unofficially inundated by mother earth with rain 1 year before the place were to be officially inundate. In just two weeks of the large down poring of rain had cause most of the area flooded into an immense lake with million of dollar in form of machinery like bulldozer, truck and such lay beneath the now calming and gleaming Tasik Kenyir.

Tasik Kenyir got her name from one of the former main river here, which was once known as Kenyir River. But now the river is beneath the lake when Kenyir Lake was filled by the surrounding river and especially the large rainfall during the monsoon that fill up the Empangan Tasik Kenyir which was finish constructed in 1989.Which laid the Sultan Mahmud Hydro Electric Power Station.

Here you will find about 340 islands where some of them are as big and bigger that Singapore. This islands were created when the hilly region area was inundated by water , most of the hill were above the water level thus creating the now beautiful and exotic 340 islands which is once the peak and hill area that survive the flooding during the dam first and early monsoon season.

The rain forest that cradle the area bestow the lake with an astounding and incredible assortment of flora and fauna including rare ferns, exotic orchids , hornbills, herd of elephants , panthers and animal that it is recorded that Tasik Kenyir which is surrounded by a lush tropical jungle is home for more that 8,000 species of flower , 2,500 species of plant and trees.800 species of orchid and 300 species of fungi.380 species of birds and more than 200 species of animal.

The lake is fed by 30 rivers with 24 waterfalls large tributaries that serve a breeding ground for fish had bless the lake with hundred of variety of fresh water fish such as Baung, lampan and many large size Game fish like Tapah, Toman (snake head Fish) ,ketutu, sebarau, and many species that are found in abundance , thus making the Kenyir Lake a popular and ideal retreat for nature lovers, anglers haven.

Pengkalan Gawi, Tasik Kenyir (Gawi Jetty)

Any angler that want to fish here are advised to arrange for special trips trough the many chalet , Private Boat operator ,Boat House operator for the best fishing spot and also to obtained a fishing permit with the Wildlife Department at Pengkalan Gawi

Cruising along Tasik Kenyir

There are many interesting Place in Tasik Kenyir and to get there your first stop will be at Pengkalan Gawi,the Gawi jetty that was completed in 1991 serves as the main gateway to Kenyir Lake and there are also the Tourist Information Center located here for the conveniences of tourist. Here there are many boat that any transfers by boat can be made available to the resorts, chalets and lodges located at various parts of the lake. With the current and growing number of tourists to Kenyir Lake, the state Gov had plans and are afoot for another gateway like , the nearby Pengkalan Utama which will be equipped with bigger and better facilities.

Besides being the gateway to Kenyir lake. Pengkalan Gawi is also the nearest access point to Taman Negara. Should you decide to go to the National Park in Tanjung Mentong, it is best to remind to bought for a permit first at the entry point of Tanjung Mentong as like all National Park in the world, the Protected Area here are forbidden to any trespasser who doesn’t obtain a permit. The warden here are VERY VERY strict .There was a stories that I heard from my friend three year ago when I visited Tasik Kenyir in 2002.which is about a minister who brought a group of reporter to promote the national park but was kick out by the park warden for trespassing and was fine for not first obtaining a permit from the Wildlife Department office including all the reporter.

There are one Tourist Information Center and Wildlife Departmen office in every entrance to the park including next to Pengkalan Gawi that can provide you with permit.

So please remember to obtain a permit from the Wildlife Department at Kuala Berang or at the Tanjung Mentong and the Tourist Information Center at Gawi jetty if you are heading to Taman Negara by Kenyir first, before u journey to the Taman Negara .The Tourist Information Center at Gawi jetty are opened from 9.00am - 5.00pm from Saturday to Wednesday, while 9.00am to 1.00pm from Thursday to Friday.

Popular Destination in Tasik Kenyir


Bewah Cave is located in the towering limestone hills, the caves which provides spectacular sigh of towering limestone and stalactites and stalagmites. The Bewah cave are also know as Gua Tahi Kelawar (Cave of Bat Droppings) as the chamber of the cave is home to thousand of bats roosting upside down on the ceiling. This is one of the caves where many artefact was uncovered by a group of archaeologists in 1956 and 1970’s. the many artefacts that was found were kitchen utensil, axes and tools dating back in Neolithic era. Thus during that era this place was known as and been listed as a centre of civilisation .The best way to visit the cave is trough Ping Anchorage Tour Package by houseboat as the provide the best service to many guest for more info you can visit

Bewah Cave Taat Cave entrance

Taat Cave 

Inside this cave, an extraordinary sigh of stalactites and stalagmites wait the explorer.It also holds many secret of the past and further excavations are now being planned to unravel its mysteries and secret. like Bewah Cave, the cave its self are located in a towering limestone caves that are abound with mysteries as this the site where archaeologists and historians from the state museum have uncovered many artefacts that dated to the Neolithic era. Both Bewah and Taat caves lie within Taman Negara. Therefore permits have to be bought in order to enter the Park .For more info you can visit

Waterfall in Kenyir.

There are about 14 waterfall around Tasik Kenyir. Among the 12 most beautiful waterfall here ,Lasir waterfall and Tembat Waterfall are the most popular as they are easily accessible by boat and have many camping site that are prepared with needed amenities.

Enchanting Lasir Waterfall
Lasir Waterfalls

The 150 meter high Lasir Waterfall located 16 KM or about 30 minuted boat ride to the south of Pengkalan Gawi is one of the many spectacular waterfalls within Tasik Kenyir.
The waterfalls drops gracefully at 500 feet trough into multi-tiered levels of boulders forming sprays of forming white.The Lasir waterfall are one of the most favourite picnic spot in Tasik Kenyir as ponds of water can be found at each of the 5 levels. Which provide the best place for watering experience and fun. The waterfall its self are well shade by the surrounding forest tress that offers an enjoyable and cold refreshing bath here. Here there are a large flat area which is perfect for camping site before following a hiking trail lead to the top.

Magnificient view of the Tembat Waterfall

Tembat Waterfalls 

Located at the Tembat River, The 60 foot waterfall is beautifully amazing that you can be enchanted by its flowing water and its sound that calmly flow and cascade trough the ridge and many boulder into a big lagoon. The waterfall itself is a wonderful place for a swimming and picnic. For the most adventure type you can always rent a camping gear and camp here as there is camping sites by the fall which can be accommodate the large number of people that came here everyday. You must first inform the Tourist centre first if you wish to camp at any where in Kenyir Park .You can rent a boat from the many operator at the Pengkalan Gawi or through you chalet. The 50 minutes boat ride will lead you to many trail along the river that will magnificent you with its clean water and air.

There are actually more destination in Kenyir. The Information that can be obtained about Tasik Kenyir is from which is run by the most well know travel agencies in Malaysia. Which is Ping Anchorage , who had last year had won two Malaysia Tourism Awards by the Tourism Malaysia for two consecution year and are also Voted as Malaysia’s Best Tour Operator (Inbound) & Malaysian Best Tour Operator (Domestic) 2004 and 2005.

Travelling In Tasik Kenyir.
Well… Water transportation here is very important as most of the places ,chalet and resort can only be reaches by boat.

At The moment may 2006, there are 70 license boat operator proving their service within the Lake. Which is the 8 person fibre glass boat and also the double Decker boat house which can accommodated 12 person max.

For accommodation .

There are 10 resort chalets that can be found here all over the lake Which is the
  1. Kenyir Lake View Resort (a golf resort) 150 room.
  2. Kenyir Sanctuary Resort. (40 chalets / Campsite).
  3. Rumah Rehat Persekutuan. (Federal Government Rest house) 10 Chalets.
  4. Lake Land Resort. ( 22 chalets)
5.if You Love Fishing.

Ujang's Travel Pakage / Best House Boat Provider for Holiday / Fishing / River Cruise and all kind of Camp to Jungle Tracking Trip in Tasik Kenyir

6.Kenyir Boathouse Pakage (Lovely River Cruise and Trip)


How TO Get Here?

If you are an fanatics Angler and are driving from Kuala Lumpur and want to quickly go to Tasik Kenyir to Fish by going trough the forest, elephant dung and frighten almost to death when you stumble on a herd of Elephant sleeping on the road at the middle of night and day, and like going up and down the hill, then takes the Karak Highway to Jerangau-Jabor Highway to reach Ajil (no elephant) and onward to Kenyir. (5 hour), first timer (6 or 7 hour)

Take the Karak Highway to Kuantan if you want to go trough the pleasant view of the fishing village along the coastal road trough Kemaman, Dungun, Kuala Terengganu and subsequently to Tasik Kenyir .(10 Hour)

With bus express from Kuala Lumpur

Daily service to Kuala Terengganu.

Takes any daily bus service to Kuala Terengganu at 9.00 AM to 9.00 PM from the Hentian Putra Bus Terminal in Kuala Lumpur.

Daily direct Service to Tasik Kenyir from Kuala Lumpur via Al Muktafi Billah Shah Town and Kuala Berang.

Then Takes the Kenyir Express that depart daily at 8.00 pm from the Hentian Putra Bus Terminal in Kuala Lumpur for only RM 28.70.

From The Airport.
Choose and Takes whatever that suit your pocket by going with the Malaysian Airline or the Air Asia. Both operates regulars flights to Sultan Mahmud Airports in Kuala Terengganu from Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA)

Then from Sultan Mahmud Airport go take a Taxi straight to Tasik Kenyir which is only RM 60.00 .while to Kuala Berang is RM30.00

The Sultan Mahmud Airport
Is under reconstruction to enlarge the airport into a giant International Airport and with the most Morden facility in 2007.Based on the design of Old Malay Palace it will soon will be an architectural feat that will marvel Visitor and tourist who will in the future don’t need to hassle with long hour drive and going trough to KLIA just to be in Terengganu and to abroad.

About Taman Negara Malaysia at Tanjung Mentong.

For More information please click here for some info About Taman Negara or straight to Taman Negara for Full information.

Nota bene/Take Note: (Every Blue Word is a Link and some of The link is Down at the moment ) 

Recomend page to Visit on Taman Herba and Tasik Kenyir :


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