Terengganu has the longest beach is Malaysia yet sadly not all the beach are developed except for some which were naturally located on strategic are and also some which was developed by private entrepreneur who had a large vision like Tanjung Jara Beach Resort and some was famous because of it specially like :

1.Pantai Keluang in Besut District
Which is famous for its Rocky cave of Bukit Keluang  which is one of the main attraction for cave exploreratian ,picnicking on the beach and also camping on the north of Terengganu and the East of Kelantan.

2.Pantai Penarik in Setiu District.
Which is famous for its traditional fishing village and sea catch and watching the fleet of fihing boats coming home from with their catch .The Beach it self are famous for its fresh sea food restaurant and hut ,which attracts hundred of visitor daily.

4. Pantai Merang in Setiu District.
which well know as a sea side haven with  long strectces of coconut palm ,its gentle surf and its emerald waters.The beach is also home to the famous Aryani Resort and its Merang Jetty to Isle of Redang. Beside this .it is also famous  to the local for its fire fly appreciation activity. Here at the nearby Fishing Village, tourist and visitor alike can hire a boat from any of the fishermen here to go up to the Merang River to see the thousand of fireflies glitering in the Dark. Or by going with The Merang River Safari that are offer by

If You are interested about Aryani Resort you might want to read:
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5.Pantai Tanjung Jara
Tanjung Jara is a rocky beach, The white sandy beach here is one of the most striking beaches in Terengganu with fascinating sand dunes that are created by Nature earth’s powerful waves from The South China Sea with its timeless beauty and a serenity of this enchanting beach is like from a dream. Whereas the foreland and the sea here are bless by strong wing and a beautiful calm sea with many underwater treasure of flora and fauna..

Another of its main attraction is  the most highly acclaimed Tanjung Jara Beach resort in whole Terengganu. It is the only resort which have everything from diving, spa, till golfing and etc .Thus with the Resort itself had created an endless activity at the beach.

6.Pantai Batu Buruk in Kuala Terengganu District.
Located strategically at the city center, it is the home of the annual beach carnival and many even. This beach is also the home to the culture centre where traditional stage performances are stage here. If you want to go here you might be disappointed since the beach are now being enlarge with many sand tanker and ship going trough the places. But if you don’t mind you can walk from this beaches to the General hospital and from there to the many attraction that can be found here near the beach.

7.Pantai Chendering in Kuala Terengganu District.
This beautiful beach with its beautiful bay had born many famous local heroes and heroine triathlete and swimming enthusiasts. It is also home to the Malaysian Handicraft Centre. Where visitor can get a chance to witness first hand the skill of local artisan at work in making the Songket, batik, ceramic and other handicraft.

8. Pantai Batu Rakit in Kuala Terengganu.
Pantai Batu Rakit is famous for its fresh sea food, the famous keropok lekor , otak-otak and satar, The beach is on the unspoiled shores dotted with colourful fishing boat as is time went slow here with beautiful crystal clear water and surrounded by lush green forest.

9.Pantai Kijal in Kemaman Disctrict.
More porpular know as a holiday beach by the many people who visit here,This is the place where tourist who doesn’t want to be found or for total relaxation will be here at this quite beach .Which are run by the private sector just like the Tanjung Jara.

The reason why I am rewriting and why I took out the rest of the beach.

There are many beautiful and panoramic beaches in Terengganu. Sadly there are not much development and attraction at some of the area and also accommodation at this place which lack of  infrastructure had cause most of these beautiful losing their charm comparing with the other 9 famous beaches in Terengganu.

Because of this, the other beachs in the beaches section will be taken out until the gorvement / or private entrepreneur decide to developed these beaches in the future.

Nota bene all the beaches will be took out until futhose Notice


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