Sha Antique Shop Appreciating Past History at Pasar Payang

While back home for a very long holiday from works i saw a blog post that was showing Sha Antic picture and i some how have an itched finger to pose something about it..and seeing how "un" update and antique my blog is i think it would be better to post something about Pasang Payang from an old clipping of an article "Menghargai sejarah silam" that i cut from a local Malay language news paper here " Utusan " date 28/12/2010 by By Fauzi Science quite some time  and paste it in my scrap book  and here my version of the translation.

Appreciating Past History at Pasar Payang

Not many people realize that in a small corner of Market Store Payang here, there is a business that is not as commonly available in other markets . It is not in the focus of attention in many of their mind when people go to the markets. It only among those who would like to be reminded of the past and really appreciate the value of something very memorable that are now keenly to be forgoten by time. It is also somthing that are made for a private collector, perhaps as an living room decoratory or as an investment for greater returns in the future.

In the corner, every day Shamsuddin Abdul Rahman, 60,  in a small premises space display goods associated with the heritage and culture

Shamsuddin Abdul Rahman waiting for customers to purchase goods at
Sha Antique Shop Payang Central Market, Kuala Terengganu

"When I first opened the "Sha Antik", I know that there were not many people that was interested in the wares in this stall, let alone to buy it. "

"Although some of them does come in for a look and asked with great interest, but they do not buy because the price I set is not as they expect," he said

 Shamsuddin who is fondly known as Pak Din has been in the antiques business in the this market since 10 years ago and he is one of the two only dealers in this District.

This father of five children began to show interest in the antique world since his school's day when he frequently visit his grandfather home in Kampung Jel, near here.

Pak Din is also the member "Persatuan Seni Purba Terengganu"  an Ancient and  Art Association of Terengganu, said his grandfather who was a government official at that time likes to purchased and collect antiques as well as those that was given to him by the public.

After completing his school years at Sekolah Kebangsaan Sultan Sulaiman , near here, he migrated to Malacca to trade in cloth.

After getting married with a food  restaurant owner, Bibi Ana Abdul Wahid in 1990, he went back to Terengganu to continues his wife business there at Kampung Ladang, near here. Since return, he continued his hobby there by buying goods in several states and was made decoratory item in their store to be shared with his customers.

"It all started at one point around 1995, when there was a customer from Penang who was so impressed with an old keris  that I had kept on the wall of the shop. The customers than persuaded me to sell it a price of RM600 and that was my first antique sale," he said.

Since then, he felt that antiquety have their own fans and thus decided to open a specialise store in 2000.

Among the collections in Sha Antik are a variety of ancient weapons such as Keris, swords and Badik with most of them are over 100 year olds.

Some of the antiques sold by Shamsuddin Abdul Rahman Sha Antiques

As also visible here is Keris Melela, Keris Panda Sarah, Badik Rencung, Badik Lada Tumbuk, Badik Sayap Merpati dan Badik Retak Seribu.

The same goes to the variety of traditional instruments such as gongs, drums and tambourines and wood carving, shell and copper found in front of here and not to be miss also also various types of woven pandanus and coconut sheaths and old household items such as crockery, earthenware containers, Ironer , tepak sirih and timber box.

The oldest in his collection is an "Kain Songket Limar" inherited from his grandfather from the weaving of local residents at the end of  the 18th century and Keris Anak Alam. a weapon  which is more than 130 years old.

Meanwhile, a fan of antiques, Che Johan Che Pa said, he sought to find the item like that in a place that is often dealt with people like Sha Antiques. "Although sometimes the price to be paid are very high, but because of interest , I am not hesitate to buying it. The price of an antiques are determined in accordance with it age and after it been genuine by the relevant expert, but I personally feel it difficult to assess the actual price," he said, who is also Umno division deputy chief of Pasir Mas, Kelantan.

Another customer, Hassan Abdullah in his opinion, if viewed in terms of history, art fineness , workmanship, uniqueness, culture and heritage. It makes an item can not be measured by money alone "This is one reason why many antique collectors willing to pay price that are ridiculous  at sometimes," he said.


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