A Gekkoind lizard only found in Pulau Perhentian

Black and White  picture of Cnemaspis perhentianensis (its on purpose)

Only found on the Perhentian Islands of Malaysia, the Perhentian Rock Gecko (Cnemaspis perhentianensis). They were found by Dr Lee Grismer, Jesse Grismer, J.R. Chan Kin Onn , together with Pete and Anke of Pulau Perhentian's Watercolours Resorts and Dive Centre  on their jungle exploration for new species of reptiles and amphibians at "XXXX" Islands.

A species of gekkoind lizard was result of a question posed from a friends that ask what so unique about Pulau Perhentian than the other Island in the world....

P S:"I really want to poses a color picture of the Gecko but thinking back that will spurn people to catch them might as well give them black and white. Gecko are not the indigenous species only found here. But i don't think im gonna publish them, since i don't want them to be extincts. It becouse some of us Malaysian don't have the mindset to care on taking care of stuff and maintain thing....

Look at the state of our public Toilet!!

Thank God!! we don't Have Nuclear Plant!! or we probably be extincts also, Sarcasm!!



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