Kampung Tiruk, Mukim Serada,

Draft-----A Village Kampung located at Jalan Pasir Tinggi-Serada off Jalan Kuala Berang known as Kampung Tiruk along the Terengganu river is a village inhabited by the Chinese since a very long time ago. What is very unique is that people that pass along the road will not notice that the residents that are living in the Village are Chinese! These is because they live a Malay style houses which does not show any kind of Chinese design. The only things that may make people wonder about the village is that there is dogs and red box of little houses that house deity and god.

The Chinese community here are very special and are call "Cina Tiruk" . Being 'very familiar' of the Malays and its culture due to been living there for hundreds of year. The Chinese here are largely of Hokkienese heritage have adapt Chinese and Malay culture and lifestyle together into a form of  a new and uniques "Tiruk peranakan culture".  Here we can see the man here wear the Kain Pelikat and Sarong . While the woman wearing batik and baju kebaya.

They can talk very fluent in Terengganu's Village dialects! Unlike other Hokkien in China or other part of Malaysia. If they talk in Hokkien many of they sentences are mixed together with Malay words and dialect. What are unique is they practise a lifestyle similar to the Malays', with some of them able to read and write the Jawi script.

The Community here prefer  eating with they hand. Among favorite are ikan bakar, ulam, and BUDU , Nasi Kerabu and Nasi Dagang

Kampung Tiruk's settlement are believe to be among the first place the Chinese had set foot on before they moved to Malacca and other states on the west coast of the peninsula .

At one time there was alot of Chinese people living here at the Village. As modernization set foot many of them are have migrated to towns and living only.

Chinese New Year here are very fun as there will be  lantern hanging from the house veranda of each Cina Tiruk. Chinese New Year will not be complete without their home-made kuih bahulu.
It has become a tradition for them and their family to get together at least two days before the Chinese New Year to bake the sweet fluffy cake made of eggs, sugar and flour at the family house in Kampung Tiruk, Serada.

Location of Kampung Tiruk ----

Kampung Tiruk is also nearby Kampung Serada which is where the tomb of the most famous religious figure in Terengganu reside,Tok Pulau Manis


Kenapa kampung ni tak de dalam gmaps?


kenapa kampung tiruk ni xde dalam gmaps?


kenapa kg tiruk ni, xde dlm gmaps?

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