What is BUDU?

Budu are usualy dip with Grill Fish,Veg and Greens
"Budu or anchovy sauce is a kind of preserved fish made with anchovies and fish. It is a famous traditional Dipping source in Malaysia and marketed extensively in Kelantan, Terengganu and Southern Thailand.

Budu are processed from fermented anchovies or fish with lots of salt for 5month or 4year. It is usually produced easily locally at home or by small companies and sold in stores in bottle packaging. Budu can be served alone or mixed with other foods such as peppers, mango and lime water extraction.

The Property of fermented Budu source from anchovies
Budu that originates from this side of the east coast of Malaysia Peninsular had been in the limelight study of its nutrition by Japan, USA, Australia, New Zealand and Germany. Recent discoveries prove the fermented anchovies (BUDU Source) have glutathione as antioxidant, which can remove toxic waste and increase the resilience of the body (immune). Its properties also can combat various fatal diseases and prevent cancer. This statement was like a surprise for those who had ridiculed the existence of comsuming BUDU being considered "ancient".

Research finding show that Budu is found to be promising cancer chemo-preventive effects to fight free radicals and is believed to prevent the aging process and prevent degenerative diseases such as atherosclerosis, coronary heart disease, diabetes, cancer and otherwise at an earlier stage. Depth study also found fermented Budu souce from anchovies also contains antibacterial substances cause diarrhea (diarrhea), blood cholesterol reduction, prevention of heart disease and hypertension.

Budu has nutrients that are more easily digested, absorbed and utilized by the body than other types of proteins. Nutrition obtain that are processed from fermented anchovies proven to overcome the problems of children who suffer chronic diarrhea disease due to lack of substance in the body. With  fermented Budu source from anchovies as food intake side, it can promote the growth of body weight for those who suffer from chronic diarrhea disease and cure it in no time. It also can improve the IQ of those who eat it. because it stimulates the brain cells and will strengthen the bonds between the neurons and the neurons strengthen the weak. Eating  while dipping with fermented Budu souce from anchovies also acts hinder the growth of bacteria and stokiosa raffinosa, a major cause symptoms flatulensi and bloating problems for children and adults. 2 group vitamin found in  fermented Budu souce from anchovies, water-soluble vitamins (vitamin B complex) and fat-soluble vitamins (vitamins A, D, E and K).

Budu is a source of vitamin B which has the highest contribution to the other fractions such as vitamin B1 (thiamin), vitamin B2 (riboflavin), pantotenat acid, acid niacin, vitamin B6 and vitamin B12 (sianokobalamin). Scientifically, pickled is a major contributor of vitamin B12 produced by bacteria Klebsiella pneumoniae and Citrobacter frundiin - vitamin B12 which is not owned by any source of seafood, fish and other meats. Vitamin B12 is necessary for red blood cell formation, where the lack of these vitamins wich perisiosa anemia (pale), abdominal pain and weight loss.



Scientific research paper on Budu ( Fermented Fish Source)
  1.   Characteristics of Fish Sauce Made from Pacific Whiting and Surimi .. 
  2. Short Communication Microbiological, histamine and 3-MCPD contents of Malaysian unprocessed ‘budu’ 
  4.  Various Component and Bacteria of Budu Produced in Malaysia 
  5.  Anchovy sauce "Budu" may have cancer chemopreventive effects through the induction of apoptosis in cancer cells.Department of Food Science and Technology and School of Agricultural Biotechnology, Seoul National University, Seoul 151-742, South Korea.

For Those who Love BUDU!! ^_^ i recommend BUDU CAP KETEREH!!

Buah Ketereh (Gajus or Cashew nuts)
BUDU CAP KETEREH are made and produce since 1980 by Mat Ismail Jusoh, Kampung Ketil, Pengkalan Kubur Tumpat which are label with two Buah ketereh (gajus)



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