Crystal Mosque of Terengganu

'Taman Tamadun Islam' is an interactive journey of Islamic monuments of the world. It is an entertainment and educational destination. The Sanderson Design Group was asked to provide the initial conceptual designs for the project and following the clients approval of these has now been engaged to complete the final design drawings, leading to the construction that has began in 2006.

The initial scope involves the design of a site concept plan for educational and enternatinment precincts, which include lagoons, a convention centre, Islamic gardens of the world, an educational theme park, wetlands and environmental reserves, and Islamic architectural images from around the world.

It also takes into account the provision for both public and official infrastructures such as offices and technical services buildings.

The COntruction of the Crystal mosques to be continue (sleepy)

The foundation of the Crystal Mosque in the water provides a floating illusion for the Visitor due to its close proximity to the water  provides reflections to the glass walls, minarets and domes, thus creates a prismatic and radiant exterior. Sunset is probably the Best day to visit for a panoramic picture for photographer as the Sunset ray add lustrous colour to the luminescent exterior reflects charm of the vibrant heritage and the idyllic nature that surround The Crystal Mosque

  to be continue

The Crystal Mosques are Located at Pulau Wan Man 


Nice Info....


Thanks You!!for the link to Sky scrapper that website realy have a lot of Nice picture of the mosques and the surrounding area..

I think ill have a go to this place next month

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